Saturday, 18 September 2010

trees of knowledge

On Thursday we were invited to create our very own Tree of knowledge. Tom Inns and Fan Xia led a really interesting session to understand ourselves a bit better and to see where our new classmates interests and influences lie - another process to fast-track the exchange of information.

We were to think of the tree as a metaphor for ourselves - the roots delivering our nourishment and support; the branches representing our main questions, interests and obsessions; leaves for current projects; buds for potential projects and fruit/nut/berries to show the fruits of our labours. 

I personally loved this excercise.  I felt it gave me the opportunity to get a lot of what I sometimes feel are diverse interests mapped out in one place, and although my tree ended up looking more like some tangled, unruly bush I did feel more focused.

It was great seeing how diverse all the other trees were - you really couldn't get a better overview of the range of personalities and experiences that our new forest contains! The final stage in the process was pollination - we got to be bees and tagged themes/words/questions that others had in their trees - our points of common interest. This should hopefully lead to much fertile ground and bountiful collaborations!


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