Saturday, 18 September 2010

new beginnings

First day of the Master of Design programme and we’re standing at the brink; it’s just a question of whether we jump or wait for a shove. 

I was struck by how far some students have travelled to be here. And how much many are prepared to sacrifice. It was a refreshing view of the place where I have spent most waking hours over the past four years. So we had a whistle-stop tour of DJCAD – I really feel for students new to the building, after all this time here I can still get lost. We made ourselves at home in the new studio, said goodbye to the old cantina and hello to the new ‘streamlined’ service.

Together with our sister course Design Ethnography, we were introduced to some playful techniques to extract some juicy information about each other (or was that too much information?) The day ended with a fight over The Guardian that revealed the competitive nature of the students, though I think any injuries sustained were minor.


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