Saturday, 18 September 2010



Today we were interviewed by the ethnography students about our reasons for being here – our real reasons. Their brief was to draw out the deeper dreams and aspirations that motivate us through appropriate interviewing techniques.  In a very short time they had to move quickly from general ice-breaker questions (where do you live, what is your background), to more imaginative questions that would provoke more insightful answers.  After the interviews were finished we spent a short time discussing how we had found the experience, then we swapped roles. 

The next part of the afternoon saw us creating Dreamscapes: working quickly in teams to physically manifest something that could symbolise our dreams and experiences.  Ransacking the chaotic studio we grabbed anything we thought could be useful. Hmm...  just what can you make with a pile of rubbish bins and some party poppers? Overall I was moved by peoples motivations and felt the exercise had gone a long way in showing us what we have in common - very inspiring.


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