Thursday, 21 October 2010


I was talking with Hazel this morning and we found that would be a good idea to create here an instance to share useful literature for our Master's projects. All of us are aiming to helping through the wide concept of design, so I feel that would be useful to share some sources of knowledge, inspiration, reflexion, etc… I will start below with the list of some sources that I have been checking. Please, feel free to re-organize the contents and ADD INFORMATION TO SHARE! 
Daniela V.


1. Lave, J.  "Situating learning in communities of practice",%20Situating%20learning%20in%20communities%20of%20practice.pdf

2. Gardner, H. "Frames of Mind: the Theory of Multiple Intelligence

3. Ken Robinson en TED 2006


1. Papanek, Victor (1971). Design for the Real World: Human Ecology and Social Change, New York, Pantheon Books


3. Tim Brown on TED: 

4. John Thackara (2006) In the bubble - designing in a complex world

5.  Jonathan Chapman (2005) Emotionally Durable Design - objects, experiences and empathy

6. Jonathan Chapman and Nick Gant (2007) Designers, Visionaries and other stories - a collection of sustainable design essays


1. Maturana, H. and Varela, F. (1988). The Tree of Knowledge. New Science Library, Shambhala, Boston. p 242

2.  Rob Hopkins (2008) The Transition Handbook  - from oil dependency to local resilience 
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  1. Glad you posted the Ken Robinson video.. you can find his talk from this year along side the one posted on his TED home page.. these lectures are two of the reasons I decided to 'do something else' and consequently this degree!

  2. It is good to know that Jon.Yes, it is great! Makes me a lot of sense as well...

  3. thanks for starting that Daniela - I've added some bits and bobs, more to follow...